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"We have grown our product by 13% just by listening to our users and building the right features"


"Upvoty helps us centralize all customer feedback. I love how it connects with our software"


"All feedback in Upvoty's amazing software. I really couldn't live without it anymore"

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Marketing data SaaS

Supermetrics is tracking internal and external feedback.

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Wedding Planning software

To improve their platform, Aisle Planner is tracking both internal as public feature requests.

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Nonprofit organization

To help optimize life-changing wishes, Make-A-Wish is tracking internal feedback.

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Web hosting panel

With millions of users, DirectAdmin is tracking bugs and other feedback.

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Superfast charging stations

Fastned is tracking feature requests and bugs to improve their apps.

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Crypto-currency app

In order to maintain and improve their app, Coin Stats gathers feedback on bugs and features.

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Amazon Seller Software

Viral Launch improves its dashboards and apps by gathering public feedback.

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Omnichannel platform

To maintain their platform, Paldesk is tracking bugs and feature requests.

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Job search platform

To improve their AI powered job search, Jobot is gathering public feedback.

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One of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands is working on internal feedback.

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WordPress hosting panel

Gridpane gathers public feature requests for their app and stack.

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Chat tool

Belco is actively asking for feedback and feature requests from their users.

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Deployment software

Ploi is gathering public feedback to improve their deployment software.


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