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AnnounceFly alternative

The single founder company behind AnnounceFly has changed its name and product a dozen times already. In fact, they're no longer called AnnounceFly as we speak. They're ProductFlare now. Want a more stable and advanced product? Here's why you should try Upvoty.


$ 49 a/month

All-in-1, but you'll miss features.


$ 15 a/month

Everything (and more) for a better price.

Better priced for more

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You will get all the neat features from AnnounceFly for a far better price. With our smallest plan, you'll have 500 tracked users and the custom domain. With AnnounceFly, you'll have to stick with their middle plan of $49 already. This goes the same for their changelog. With us, you're all set with our middle plan of just $25. We also have far more customizations, such as changing the voting button, to fit your feedback boards more seamlessly.

Better customizations

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Both AnnounceFly as Upvoty works with custom domains as with widgets. The only difference: with Upvoty you can exactly decide what you want to be shown. At AnnounceFly you'll get both the roadmap as the boards in 1. With Upvoty, you could set it up like that as well, but if you don't want a roadmap or boards, you can easily switch them off. You're far more in control.

On top of that, with Upvoty you'll find cool features such as custom CSS, markdown, and custom statuses.

Features you won't find at AnnounceFly...

Custom CSS

Anonymous votes



Dark mode

Custom status labels

Embeddable roadmap

Chrome/Firefox plugins

Priority status levels

Default rankings


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We'll help you import all of your existing AnnounceFly.com data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!