Canny alternative

While Canny is one of the better feedback tools to use feature voting, there are several key differences that prompt people to choose Upvoty instead. Here’s why Upvoty is one of the better alternatives to Canny.


Both Canny and Upvoty use a widget code to install boards on your website or in your tool. However, Upvoty allows you to use a widget code to implement both your boards and your roadmap. This means you can also share your roadmap with your users. Upvoty also offers more customization options.


While Canny also offers several customization options for your boards (e.g. corporate colors and fonts), Upvoty takes things a step further. With us you can specify when new requests/posts can be sent and by who, and determine who can cast votes or submit comments. You can also choose to review all submissions before they are posted publicly. Easy!

Better Pricing

And now for the most important part: the price. Canny starts at $50 a month, but for this price the amount of users is limited up till 100. Upvoty starts at $15 a month and offers up till 150 tracked users in this plan! Need more users? Upvoty will still be cheaper than Canny on this one.

Why you should use Upvoty instead of Canny.io

Check out a couple of our amazing features...

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Feature voting

Other users can upvote on all of the feedback. This way you'll know what's hot... or not!

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Share your product's roadmap and show your users what's next. They'll love it!

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Custom labels

This is what you won't get in Canny. Set-up your own custom labels for statuses!

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Identify users

With our authentication feature, you can sync your existing user accounts into your boards.

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Easy to install widgets: whether it's on your website, app or within your own CRM or CMS.

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Custom domain

Publish your feedback boards and company roadmap on your own custom domain!

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We support several languages. Need a language we don't support yet? We'll add it!

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Integrate Upvoty with all of your favorite apps in Zapier. More than 1000+ available!

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Want to let your users participate anonymously? Not in Canny, but with Upvoty you can!