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Hellonext alternative

Yes, Hellonext has some pretty neat features. But, we almost have them all as well. Dark mode? Yep. Private boards? Of course! And really the best thing: at Upvoty you all get this for far better pricing. While Hellonext starts at $25 a month, in order to use its feedback tool properly, you really need the bigger plan of $50. With exactly the same features (and a lot more!) you can go ahead and sign up for our smallest plan of just $15 a month. Woohoo!


$ 25 a/month

There's a smaller plan, but you'll miss out crucial things such as custom domain.


$ 15 a/month

If you upgrade to our $25 plan you'll get so much more such as the Changelog.

Better priced for more

board new

While Hellonext starts with a plan of just $25, you really need the $50 plan in order to really work properly on collecting and managing feedback with all the integrations and crucial features such as User SSO. Our smallest plan of just $15 will do the same, and even more. More features for better pricing. See for yourself!

More customizations

roadmap new

With Hellonext, you'll have to stick to their design. With Upvoty, you can customize the status labels, change the styling of your feedback portal by adding custom CSS, embed both the roadmap or a single board, or all-in-1. With Upvoty, you'll have far better options to work efficiently with your user feedback.

Features you won't find at Hellonext...

Custom CSS



Priority status levels

Default rankings

Chrome/Firefox plugins


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We'll help you import all of your existing Hellonext.co data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!