Looking for the best alternative for Hellonext?

Hellonext alternative

Yes, Hellonext has some pretty neat features. But, we almost have them all as well. Dark mode? Yep. Private boards? Of course! And really the best thing: at Upvoty you all get this for far better pricing. While Hellonext starts at $25 a month, in order to use its feedback tool properly, you really need the bigger plan of $50. With exactly the same features (and a lot more!) you can go ahead and sign up for our smallest plan of just $15 a month. Woohoo!

hellonext pricing

Easy setup!


Both Hellonext.co as Upvoty can host your feedback boards in multiple ways:

1) On our domain
2) Your custom domain
3) Widgets

But, in order to get a more seamless user experience, you'll be better off with Upvoty instead of Hellonext. We'll send the notifications to your users on your behalf. They won't even notice you're using Upvoty as your feedback tool.

feedback board

Everything you already have + more!


Hellonext doesn't provide you with a neat product roadmap as we do. Isn't it awesome to share the progress about new features? Also: we provide you with a separate changelog so you can inform your users about all the new stuff you've launched. Cool, huh?! Besides that, we have far more features than Hellonext such as custom labels, anonymous posting, moderation, etc.

feature voting customization

What about the dollars?

Better Pricing

While Hellonext starts with a plan of just $25, you really need the $50 plan in order to really work properly on collecting and managing feedback. Our smallest plan of just $15 will do the same, and more. More features for better pricing. See for yourself!


Ready to switch from Hellonext?

We'll help you import all of your existing Hellonext data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!