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Noora alternative

We understand that Noora maybe isn't the perfect fit for your product. It's run by a single founder who runs multiple businesses. Being a very new and young product, Noora has slow growth in terms of features and you're most likely going to miss awesome features that you do find at Upvoty.


$ 59 a/month

Noora do have smaller plans, but, to compare fairly, we need to pick their 59 dollar plan.


$ 15 a/month

You'll get basically the same in our $15 or $25 dollars a month plan. Woohoo!

Better priced for more

board new

To work with common things like a private board, internal notes, custom statuses, and more, you'll need Noora's $59 a month plan. With Upvoty, you're mostly going to be set with our $15 dollar plan already. Besides that, you'll pay a high custom price if you add more team members. At Upvoty, we believe in teams, so feel free to add as many as you like for a far better pricing.

More advanced product

roadmap new

Noora is a new product, so we can't blame them. But if you really want to work efficiently on your feedback (isn't that what you want and need in the end?), Upvoty is far more advanced with features like assignments, priority levels, and a far more advanced dashboard to work on feedback with your team.

Features you won't find at Noora...

Custom CSS

Anonymous votes


Dark mode

Chrome/Firefox plugins


Priority status levels

Default rankings


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