Looking for the best alternative for Receptive?

Receptive.io alternative

If you just want an easy and effective way to collect user feedback: don't read any further. Why? Receptive is so much more than just that. And you'll feel it in the pricing. You even need to talk to sales to get a quote.

So, if you’re looking for a great user feedback tool, Upvoty could be your solution!

receptive alternative

Easy setup!


With Upvoty, your user feedback boards are up in a couple of minutes while with Receptive, you will need to talk to sales and book a demo first. Feel free to register a free 30-day trial and start today!

feedback board

Everything you already have + more!


Talking to sales isn't that strange when it comes to the use of Receptive. It's a very complex piece of SaaS. That's why it's called "Product Demand Intelligence". It will give you so much more than just user feedback boards. The question is: do you need all of that?

Receptive.io doesn't have a feature voting tool, which is, according to our users, the most important and valuable feature we have here at Upvoty.

feature voting customization

What about the dollars?

Better Pricing

You'll have to talk to the Receptive.io sales team, but it most likely will cost you somewhere in between $50 and $300 p/month to start. Upvoty starts at $15 a month and is the perfect option for those looking for an excellent feedback and feature voting tool.


Ready to switch from Receptive.io?

We'll help you import all of your existing Receptive.io data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!