Looking for the best alternative for Shipright?

Shipright alternative

While Shipright.co is a pretty cool, mainly (internal) user feedback tool, there are several key differences that prompt people to choose Upvoty instead. Here’s why Upvoty is one of the better alternatives to Shipright.


$ 49 a/month

A lot less features for a far higher pricing.


$ 15 a/month

Everything (and more) for a better price.

Better priced for more

board new

With Shipright, you probably will miss a lot of features that can really help you work on your user feedback, such as assignments, integrations like Zapier that lets you connect Upvoty to any other app, advanced feedback boards to share with your users, and more.

Better features for public
feedback boards

roadmap new

Shipright is fun when you just need to collect feedback. But when you want to get serious and want to use neat features like feedback widgets, user authentication, anonymous voting, feature voting, vote on behalf, customized statuses, user discussions, status label customization, and more. Well: you're better off with Upvoty!

What about their awesome browser plugins? Yes, with their neat Chrome and FireFox extension you can collect feedback from basically everywhere. But hey, wait a minute, we have them too! So you basically won't miss a thing.

Features you won't find at Shipright...

Custom CSS

Anonymous votes



Dark mode

Custom status labels

Embeddable roadmap

Chrome/Firefox plugins

Priority status levels

Default rankings


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