Trello alternative

While Trello is more of a project management tool or a task manager, we’ve also seen people use it to collect feedback. But if you’re looking for the perfect feedback system, look no further! Here’s why Upvoty is one of the better alternatives to Trello.


Trello is easy to install, but it’s not as streamlined or as easy to implement on your website or tool as the Upvoty widget code.


Trello offers some customization options, but Upvoty takes the cake by offering full customization across the board. From configuring the colors to customising the text to determining who can post, respond and vote.

Missing features

Upvoty also boasts one important feature that Trello lacks: feature voting! We’re sure you could find a workaround in Trello, but our feature voting option is much clearer and more user-friendly. The more votes a certain post gets, the more important your users find these requests. This makes it easier and faster for you to determine what to focus on first. Users are also kept up to date through e-mails and notifications. They’ll love you!


Trello is available in several languages, but Upvoty offers the option of automatically translating all texts and labels into your preferred language via Google Translate. We’ve also created a feature that allows you to manually translate all text, which is useful if you want to filter out certain text on your website. Couldn’t be easier!


Okay, we have to admit it: Trello is free. But free isn’t always better, especially if you consider the points listed above. With Upvoty, you get a real feedback tool with an integrated feature voting option for just $15 a month including unlimited posts! In order to really compare Trello to the functionalities you’ll get at Upvoty, you’ll definitely need the paid plan of Trello which will cost you $9.99 p/month, which is still a bit cheaper, but we think we can offer you more value in terms of usability and user voting functionalities. Compare it yourself!

Why you should use Upvoty

With Upvoty you'll be able to...

Collect Feedback

Gone are the days of getting feedback on different channels, by different users, collected by different colleagues. With Upvoty you'll have all of your customer feedback in 1 simple overview.

Work on the right things

With Upvoty you'll be able to track and monitor all of your customer feedback. Other users are able to see this feedback too and with our upvote feature, you'll know which feedback is hot, or not.

Ship faster

Upvoty makes it easy to choose which feature to launch next. The more upvotes, the happier your customers. No longer ship things you think are great, but ship actual customer needs.

We like to keep it simple


$ 15

per month


  • 2 boards
  • 150 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integrations
  • 3 team members
$ 25

per month


  • 5 boards
  • 500 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integration
  • 10 team members
$ 50

per month

  • Unlimited boards
  • 1500 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integration
  • Unlimited team members
  • $25 / extra 1,000 tracked users

* Tracked users: a user that participates on your boards by commenting, voting and/or posting.