Looking for the best alternative for Trello?

Trello alternative

Fact: Trello is more of a project management tool or a task manager than a feedback tool. We’ve also seen people use it to collect feedback. But if you’re looking for a proper feedback tool, to collect and manage user feedback in a better way, look no further! Here’s why Upvoty is one of the better alternatives to Trello (if you want to use it for feedback!).


Easy setup!


Trello is easy to install, but it’s not as streamlined or as easy to implement on your website or tool as with the Upvoty widget code. You can implement Upvoty seamlessly into your own application or website. With Trello, you can't.

feedback board

Everything you're missing right now in Trello!


Trello isn't really a feedback tool. So, you'll be blown away with a real feedback tool like Upvoty. You'll have a seamlessly integrated feedback tool with a great user experience. Feature voting, SSO user integration, SSO redirect, Product roadmaps, widgets, custom domain, moderation, you name it!

feature voting customization

What about the dollars?


Okay, we have to admit it: Trello is free. But free isn’t always better, especially if you consider the points listed above. With Upvoty, you'll have a real feedback tool with an integrated feature voting option for just $15 a month. In order to really compare Trello to the features you’ll get with Upvoty.


Ready to switch from Trello?

We'll help you import all of your existing Trello data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!