Custom domain is here!

custom domain

A much requested functionality has launched today! Custom domain is here 🚀

🌎 Custom domain?

With our new Custom Domain functionality you are able to share your company roadmap (and all of your boards) within your own website url. Up till now you were able to implement your company roadmap and all of your boards with our widget code. But sometimes, having it all within your own website domain, works much easier. That’s why we’ve launched custom domain!

🤔 How does it work?

When you go to the dashboard settings of your Upvoty account, you can set-up your own custom domain. On this domain, all of your boards and your company roadmap, will be shown.

1. Change your DNS records in your webhosting account by creating a CNAME record. (Example: roadmap.yoursite.com, but you can use whatever sub domain name you like!).


2. Point the value of your CNAME record to: crm.upvoty.com.


3. Fill in the full url of your new custom domain in this field within the ‘custom domain’ settings in your Upvoty dashboard and hit ‘SAVE’

custom domain step 3

Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice it can take up to 24 hours. Please check your custom domain the next day!

custom domain step 4

Here are some instructions for setting CNAME records in various popular DNS services:

Good luck setting up your own custom domain! 🙌

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