Designing our startup tool

designing our tool

Currently we’re 🔨 building a tool that will make it easier to manage all of your client feedback and it’s named; Upvoty!

So what’s happening? Well, as you could see in the first post, our product roadmap started with developing our website 1.0. This one is nearly finished and you can visit it at upvoty.com. We’ve just opened up 💌 beta sign-ups, so if you think your company could use feedback boards; feel free to sign up for our beta!

Designing the tool

We’re currently into the ✏️ design and 🎮 developing the process of the tool itself. Let me show you some designs we’ve made.



This is the registration page which we will develop into 2 steps. In the first step, we will ask clients how they want to call their Upvoty dashboard. A great ☝ tip I’ve learned building registration pages for my other startup Vindy, is that you always need to start with a simple question. Just to get users into the funnel. When users are entering the funnel, they are more likely to complete it.


In the second step, we will ask for more personal information we need for setting up the account. And because of the fact it’s personal, we’ve added 2 USP’s to ensure the user feels safe in filling in the data we ask. One of them is 💳 ‘No credit card required’. This one is to make sure they know that they don’t have to pay directly up-front, which is a great feeling for the client. The second one ‘30 day free trial’ is to ensure the user knows we don’t want to push him and that he’s got the time to figure out if our tool is valuable for his or her business.

Upvoty dashboard

I’m pretty happy with the designs for the registration process. Now let’s look at the tool itself!


So this is the Upvoty admin dashboard. We’ve chosen a flat and clean design for the look and feel of the dashboard. Here you’ll see the tool itself. This is the board where people can submit new feature requests or bug reports or whatever feedback 💬 you want to collect from your clients. This board will be available as a widget or I-frame, so you can implement it wherever you want. Whether it’s in public on your website or in a private user base within your own tool.

The designs are not final yet, but I’m really happy about the first few mockups!

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