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Give your users superpowers! With feature voting, you'll be able to share your backlog and let users upvote on the features they like the most. This way, you know what to work on next.

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Feature voting explained

So, with feature voting software such as Upvoty's, you can easily track customer feedback and analyze, based on votes from your users, which features to build next.

Feature voting is a way of giving users and customers a way to vote on features requests within a public forum or board.

You can share the link to your Upvoty feedback portal, or, you can embed these feedback boards in your own site or application to make it even more seamless.

Yes and no. By default, we ask users to sign up via email or social login (Twitter, Facebook, or Google). However, you can either enable anonymous-mode, which lets users participate without an account, or, setup User SSO on your end so they will be automatically authenticated and logged in with their existing account from your application.

Yes, you can hide the number of votes so you can track votes in the most honest way.

Yes, you can change the colors as well as the icon (e.g. use a thumbs up icon instead of an arrow)

"Because of feature voting, we now know what to build next. We Prioritize based on what our users want the most"


Robin (Founder Bundlebo)

How does feature voting work?

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Share your Upvoty feedback board and let users submit requests.

feature voting explained

Users will upvote on each other's feature requests.


Instead of guessing what to build next, you can look at the data.


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