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How does a Feedback board look like?

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Feedback boards explained

So, with one or more feedback boards, you can easily generate feedback from your customers and users. Simply link to a board, or embed a board into your product, and users will instantly have the option to share their feature requests and ideas.

A feedback board is basically like an open forum where users can submit their feedback and feature requests but they’re also able to vote on other’s posts. This way, you as the product owner, will always know what to build next!

You can share the link to your Upvoty feedback boards, or, you can embed the board’s widget in your own site or application to make it even more seamless.

Yes, boards can be setup both private for your team-only, or shared with specific users groups, or just fully public for anyone to see.

Yes, you can change the colors as well as the statuses and all of its contents. We even have custom CSS.

"I love how we get new valuable feedback every single day, just by providing an option to do so"

dennis ploi

Dennis (Founder

How does a feedback board work?

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Share your board with users so they'll get the chance to participate.

feature voting explained

They'll start submitting new feature requests and start voting on each other's feedback.


Based on your decision, and the number of votes, you'll start working on the next feature.


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