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Collect and manage feedback from your customers, internally or publicly. With vote on behalf, you can easily add votes to existing or new feedback posts for your users.

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Vote on behalf explained

So, with vote on behalf you'll be able to add feedback from customers for your product or add their vote to existing feedback posts.

Voting on behalf is simply adding your customer’s vote to existing feedback to track popularity for your product team.

Feature voting is a way of giving users and customers a way to vote on features requests within a public forum or board.

Yes, if you want, you can share your feedback boards publicly with users and this way they’ll be able to vote on existing feedback or submit new requests themselves.

"Voting on behalf is one of the best features in Upvoty. It helps us easily track popularity"


Robin (Founder Bundlebo)

How does vote on behalf work?

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You're talking to a customer on the chat, phone, or via email.

The customer is asking for a particular feature.

add vote on behalf

Simply add the customer's vote to your feedback board.


On the 'Upvoty on Product' blog you'll find more content around 'Feature voting'.


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