The Top 10 Best Resources for SaaS

Wether you want to start, build, or scale your SaaS – we’ve curated the top 10 best resources for you to learn!

We’re talking about SaaS newsletters, SaaS courses, SaaS videos, SaaS Podcasts, Books, and more!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

The 10 Resources to Start in SaaS

So, first of all, where do you go when you want to start in SaaS?

Nowadays, there are tons of resources out there, such as podcasts, books, videos, and more.

But what resources can you check if you – hands-on – want to start in SaaS?

Our recommendations:

1. Intercom on Starting Up (Book)

Our founder Mike always says, “this is the holy bible for SaaS.”

The book covers everything: from starting to scaling your own SaaS product.

Especially the pricing chapter is one to look at, as pricing is really hard, but this book definitely is a great guide on that!

Grab the book here.

2. Zero to SaaS (course)

Zero to SaaS course

It’s the best SaaS course out there on how to start, build, and scale your SaaS.

The course covers everything, from coming up with an idea, finding the right audience, validating your idea by building an MVP, building a SaaS with No-Code, and outsourcing your code, to marketing and sales strategies to scale it to over $1,000,000.

Grab the course.

PS: with this course, you’ll also get access tot the thriving Zero to SaaS Community.

3. Founder Mornings (Newsletter)

Newsletter for Solopreneurs

If you’re a so-called solopreneur (an entrepreneur building his own products), this newsletter is for you!

It’s a newsletter from Mike, and he’s sharing his learnings on building a solopreneur business (mainly building SaaS products) every Sunday.

The newsletters are packed with gems: new apps, frameworks, strategies, learnings, and more.

Go subscribe here.

4. Follow Mike!

Mike Strives

Speaking of Mike, he’s sharing all of his lessons across multiple social media accounts in different formats, such as text and video.

You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

5. SaaS Creators & Entrepreneurs on Twitter

You can learn a ton from the tweets from SaaS entrepreneurs and creators on Twitter.

A couple of our favorites:

6. SaaS content creators on YouTube

The same goes for watching videos by SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and creators on YouTube.

Like this one:

Some even share behind the scenes “day in the life” vlogs:

A couple of our favorites:

7. Podcasts

Listening to Podcasts can really help you understand the struggles of starting and scaling a SaaS.

You’ll learn from the stories of SaaS founders and their best practices.

We love this episode where the founder of Wistia explains how it all started:

Follow this personal favorite Spotify list.

Our favorite shows:

8. Blogs

Reading blog posts written by successful SaaS companies and entrepreneurs can be very helpful.

Here are our favorites:

9. Paid Resources

While there is a lot of free content shared by successful SaaS entrepreneurs, often, the best value comes from paid resources.

Nothing’s free, and the knowledge a SaaS founder acquired has taken him or her years.

That’s why there are paid resources out there, well worth your money, like the Zero to SaaS course.

Go explore and find resources, and don’t be afraid to invest in acquiring the knowledge of others ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Join Communities

Joining communities is actually one of the best ways to connect and learn from other SaaS founders, marketers, and more.

We recommend joining Facebook Groups (Zero to SaaS, SaaS Growth Hacks), Paid communities (Zero to SaaS, SaaSfriends), or any other free forums (like IndieHackers, ProductHunt), and more.

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