This is the start of Upvoty

start of upvoty

As of today, we are working on the launch of Upvoty, a new feedback tool for feature requests. This is the start of our product roadmap which we will document here on this Blog, on our Instagram and on the YouTube channel of our founder @mikeslaatsio.

Follow our roadmap from day 1

We will literally take you from day 1 on our adventure from development to user testings to the first beta release and of course to the launch of – what we aim for – the best feedback tool for 💬 feature requests. We believe we can make it easier and more efficient to gain feedback from users during your own phase of product development. With Upvoty: you’ll never ever have to spend any more of your time developing features that don’t make an impact.

Do we have a logo?

Well, this is our logo. For now. Let me explain why it’s not final yet. What we have learned from building previous startups is that a logo is only a trivial part of your marketing. First, it’s really all about the product and creating value to get customers as quickly as possible so that you can optimize the product. Branding really only comes after that.


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