Why You Should Use Feature Voting

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Obviously, we will stimulate you to implement a feature voting tool into your own site, app, SaaS, or product. Duh. But, that’s not without a reason. We were motivated to build a feature voting tool because we believe in it!

Why feature voting?

When we reached the point of having a lot of users and user activity with our other startup, we noticed we received more feedback. The feedback varied from improvements, suggestions, bug reports to expansions like implementations with third parties. Awesome, of course! User feedback is priceless.

But we had 1 problem, you might recognize: How do you handle this feedback in an effective and efficient way?

After all, you receive it from different users via several channels.

That looks something like this;

? “I’m trying to log in, but the link doesn’t work”

? “Could you guys realize an integration with Slack?”

? “I’d like to be able to manage the user rights”

? “If you’d move the menu to the top, you’d have more space!”

How do you manage this?

How do you manage all these different types of feedback, brought to you by different users? And what if an overlap is shown? What feedback is well-founded? What are your priorities? And who will implement the adjustments that have to be made?

We only had one real option: Create a tool that gives an easy overview of where all problems, optimization requests, and other feedback come together.

Feature voting finishes it

By making this overview available for all users of our product, we make it possible to gauge all the submitted feedback among our other users. Through the “feature voting” users can vote on the feedback of others. The more votes, the more users will eventually be pleased when you run and launch these adjustments.

feature voting board
Feature voting tool Upvoty.

Keep your users eager

We have noticed it is not only a challenge to keep your users satisfied. It’s a challenge to keep them eager as well! By using feature voting, your users become involved in the development of your product. A product that is not only yours but by then theirs as well. By optimizing together, you utilize the maximum growth of your product and build a community! And a product with a committed community is definitely worth something.

Build something that makes an impact

The result of feature voting is that you’re always aware of the impact new features will have on the “customer happiness”. The feedback you receive will help you understand the cause of the problem. For example, you will see that often one specific subject immediately triggers and resolves several things. Simply by asking your own users, you get valuable insights that make it possible to work on improving your product and increasing the “customer happiness” every day.


Your product roadmap is key

With Upvoty, you’ll also get a product roadmap. This overview is not only ideal for your own product team, but for your customers as well. We’ve noticed that customers who consider leaving, decide to stay anyway after seeing the product roadmap. As soon users see all that’s coming, they get the ‘FOMO’ feeling: ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.

Companies that receive feedback and act on this, benefit from two advantages on the long-term:


And remember; the happier your customers are, the less likely they are to churn.

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