Instant feedback, instantly better products.

👉 Turn user feedback into actionable product optimizations!



"Finally we have all of our customer feedback in 1 simple overview"

Ricky (CEO & Founder Omniweb)

feedback boards


Feedback boards with feature voting

You can create and implement new boards as easy as 1-2-3. On each board users can submit feedback - such as new feature requests or bug reports - and vote on feedback of other users too.

💡Start working on the things that actually improve your customer happiness instead of guessing!


Share your product roadmap!

All of your boards and posts will come together in your company's product roadmap overview. Here, you and your users, can easily see what's next!

💡 End the feedback loop by sharing what is planned next!


Why Upvoty will work for you


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Feedback boards

With Upvoty you'll have all of your customer feedback in 1 simple overview.

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Feature voting

Other users can upvote on all of your feature requests. This way you'll know what's hot... or not!

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Custom domain

Publish your feedback boards and company roadmap on your own custom domains!

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Easy to install widgets: whether it's on your website, app or within your own CRM or CMS.

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Product roadmap

Share your company's roadmap and show your users what's in the pipeline!

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Notify users

We'll automatically notify users when you ship new features they've voted for.

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User authentication

With our authentication feature, you can sync your existing user accounts in to your boards.

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Connect with clients about the requests they make. Better understand your customer needs.

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Work together

Invite team mates and work together on all of your client feedback.

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We like to keep it simple


$ 15

per month


  • 2 boards
  • 150 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integrations
  • 3 team members
$ 25

per month


  • 5 boards
  • 500 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integration
  • 10 team members
$ 50

per month

  • Unlimited boards
  • 1500 tracked users*
  • Website/app widget
  • Easy integration
  • Unlimited team members

* Tracked users: a user that participates on your boards by commenting, voting and/or posting. With the 'Unlimited Power' plan you'll get 1,500 tracked users. For every 1,000 users on top of it, it's $25.