5 Best Podcasts for Product Managers in 2021

5 Product Management Podcasts

We at Upvoty love to help Product Managers in building better products, hence our product ;). Our product team is dedicated to learning more, every single day and one of the resources to learn more is listening to podcasts around product management specifically for product teams. In this blog post, we’d like to share the favorite shows of our product team. Here we go!

1. Product Bakery

You’ll find a great mix of interviews with PMs, new insights, and lessons learned in the Product Bakery podcast. They also compare different methods and strategies (e.g. Scrum vs Kanban) and compare tools (e.g. Jira vs others). One of our team’s favorites is this episode where Christian is being interviewed about his experiences in working with designers and developers as a product manager:

2. Intercom on Product

We can only hope that the Intercom on Product Podcast isn’t going to stay a limited series. We absolutely love the discussions between Des Traynor (founder of Intercom) and his SVP of product Paul Adams. The two are geniuses and both absolutely on-point with everything they’re talking about. They can talk product like no one else. We absolutely love this episode about how they build products at Intercom:

3. Fearless Product Leadership

The name says it all: Fearless Product Leadership is there for the product leaders. Hope Gurion is an amazing host and she interviews experienced product leaders which will give you amazing insight into how to run and lead a product team. Our favorite is ‘Nail before your scale’ with the Chief Product Officer from Zoopla, the CPO of Roleshare, The Product Lead from Shopify, and a couple of other great industry experts:

4. Braintales

Super interesting show where they interview founders, authors, and other successful people about their journey and productivity. And we can all learn a thing or two about productivity, right? 🙂

The Braintales Show is hosted by Mike Strives and is a 15 min. straightforward show where they really hone in on the core lessons learned! One of our favorites is the one where the CMO of Crisp shares his product and marketing strategies for building chat software in a highly competitive market:

5. The Product Podcast

One of the best shows out there. The Product Podcast features PMs from all the major companies out there: From Google to Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. It’s created by the Product School, which is an amazing online learning platform for Product Managers. One of our favorite episodes – by far! – is the one where the Product Manager from Lyft shares his 9 Principles:

BONUS: Upvoty on Product!

We ourselves have started a product management podcast: Upvoty on Product. It’s a show where we’ll discuss all of the lessons learned in building user feedback tool Upvoty as well as sharing the best practices from industry leaders. Listen to our intro to find out if this is something for you:

We hope you’ll enjoy these shows as much as we do! 🙂

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