Looking for the best alternative for Nolt.io?

Nolt alternative

While Nolt has a pretty neat UX design, a lot of users who are switching from Nolt.io to Upvoty are telling us their users don't think it's a great UX at all. At Upvoty, you'll have the roadmap, boards, and changelog separated which gives your users a better overview. On top of that: Nolt will costs you $25 a month for 1 board. With us it's only $15!

nolt.io alternative

Easy setup!


Both Nolt as Upvoty use the public view and the widget code to install your feedback boards. However, with Upvoty you can implement each board and the roadmap specifically via its widget. This way you are in charge of when, where, and who are able to see each board or the roadmap. You can implement it exactly the way you want! Upvoty also offers a far more seamless integration. We'll send your users emails from your own Upvoty domain (e.g. yourname@upvoty.com) with your logo on top of the email. Your users won't even notice that the emails for their feedback come from a 3rd party!

A former Nolt.io user: "We love the fact that Upvoty has a far cleaner UI and thus is better to integrate within our application and brand".

feedback board

Everything you already have + more!


Love all the cool features Nolt.io has? No worries: there's nothing we don't have as well! SSO redirect? Yes! Different languages? Right at ya! Custom status labels? Of course! We even have some cool features Nolt hasn't: Want a different icon for the vote button? No problem!

feature voting customization

What about the dollars?

Better Pricing

So, Nolt and Upvoty are basically the same tools. What about pricing then? Well, Nolt starts at $25 a month for just 1 board. Want an extra board? That's $50, sir! Upvoty's smallest plan is just $25 for 2 boards and includes everything you need: SSO user integration, custom labels, internal notes, you name it!


Ready to switch from Nolt?

We'll help you import all of your existing Nolt.io data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!