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While Nolt has a pretty neat UX design, a lot of users who are switching from Nolt.io to Upvoty are telling us their users don't think it's a great UX at all. At Upvoty, you'll have the roadmap, boards, and changelog separated which gives your users a better overview. On top of that: Nolt will costs you $25 a month for 1 board. With us it's only $15!


$ 25 a/month

You'll pay this per board.


$ 15 a/month

You can start with just one board or upgrade to our $25 plan and have 5 (!)

Better priced for more

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So, Nolt and Upvoty are basically the same tools. What about pricing then? Well, Nolt starts at $25 a month for just 1 board. Want an extra board? That's $50, sir! Upvoty's smallest plan is just $15 for 1 board or $25 dollars for 5! And this includes everything you need: SSO user integration, custom labels, internal notes, you name it!

More customizations

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Love all the cool features Nolt.io has? No worries: there's nothing we don't have as well! SSO redirect? Yes! Different languages? Right at ya! Custom status labels? Of course! We even have some cool features Nolt hasn't: Want a different icon for the vote button? No problem!

Features you won't find at Nolt...

Custom CSS


Single board embed

Dark mode

Single roadmap embed

Chrome/Firefox plugins

Priority status levels

Private boards & posts


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We'll help you import all of your existing Nolt.io data into your new and shiny Upvoty boards!