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With Upvoty you can make feedback boards for your users. Your users are able to submit new feature requests and are able to upvote on requests from other users. This way, you as the product owner, are always on top of which feature to build next. The more upvotes on a request, the more likely you will please a big group of users. You can see Upvoty as your #1 portal for user feedback!

The Upvoty feedback boards gives other users the chance to vote on their favorite feedback, such as an optimization or – for example – bug report. This voting system gives you instant insight into which feature requests have priority.

Using feature voting boards gives you valuable feedback that can help you make product improvements. We believe these feedback boards are crucial because people love to share their feedback. And once the opportunity to participate is presented, most users seize it!

The first month of Upvoty is entirely free of charge! After this trial period, you only pay $15 per month. You can add up to three admin users to administer everything. If you’d like to add more than three users, you can upgrade for a $25 a month plan.

You can register here for free. After registering, you can immediately start creating your first boards and implementing them on your website or in your tool.

After you’ve created a board, you can start customizing it to your specifications (color, corporate style, font, etc.). You can then install the boards using a very easy to install widget code.

Yes, Upvoty is fully committed to achieving and upholding GDPR compliance. Read more about our GDPR.