Communicate important new updates, such as new feature releases, easily in your Changelog.

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How does a Changelog look like?

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Change logging explained

So, with a Changelog, you can basically communicate each new updates, such as a new product feature or a new product version, in one single overview. Upvoty's Changelog lets you write beautiful articles with images and gifs to make it more fun to read! 🙂

A Changelog is bascially a nice feed with all of your latest launches and updates.

You can share the link to your Upvoty Changelog, or, you can embed the Changelog widget in your own site or application to make it even more seamless.

Yes, you can change the colors as well as the statuses. We even have custom CSS.

"Our customers are really enjoying our Changelog because it gives them a nice overview of all the latest updates. To be honest, for me it's also a nice way of looking back at what we've done haha"

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Dennis (Founder

How does a Changelog work?

Let's see how this can work for you...

First, generate feature requests from your users or team on your Upvoty feedback boards.

roadmap feature overview

Communicate new updates on which features are in progress on your Upvoty roadmap.

changelog communicate updates

When you ship new features and updates, communicate them on your Changelog! 🙂


On the 'Upvoty on Product' blog you'll find more content around 'Changelog'.


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