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Automatically build and generate your awesome roadmap from the feedback and feature requests of your users and team.

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How does a roadmap look like?

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Roadmapping explained

So, with our roadmap feature, you can easily generate your feature roadmap to communicate progress with your users. Based on their requests and your internal input, you can easily submit feature requests and feedback posts on the roadmap. This way, you and your team, but especially your users, are always up to date of what's next! 🙂

Roadmapping is a way of planning and communicating your product decisions. You can share what has been shipped, and what’s next.

You can share the link to your Upvoty roadmap, or, you can embed the roadmap widget in your own site or application to make it even more seamless.

Yes, you can hide the number of votes so you can track votes in the most honest way.

Yes, you can change the colors, create custom statuses, add more items and columns to the roadmap, and on top of it, we also have custom CSS available!

No, a Changelog is an overview with updates on both features or other new things. A roadmap is more of an overview on “what’s in progess”. We do have a Changelog feature by the way.

"We love to prioritize feature requests from our users and with roadmapping, we can easily communicate our decisions"


Robin (Founder Bundlebo)

How does roadmapping work?

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Share your Upvoty feedback board and let users submit requests.

When you like a request, add them to the roadmap.

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This way, you're building a nice overview of what's next!


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