User feedback for your product!

Product feedback tool

Your product and your users are everything. Let's combine those 2 with a product feedback tool which makes it easier for you to collect and manage user feedback among your user. Let your users submit new feedback or upvote on existing ones. With our public roadmap and public feedback boards, you are ready to collect valuable feedback from your users!

feedback board

Collect and manage feedback

Product feedback overview

Your users know your products best. Why not give them the chance to give valuable feedback whenever they use your product? With Upvoty you can create feedback boards for different purposes, such as 'feature requests', 'bug tracking', or whatever you like. Your users can upvote on existing feedback posts or submit new ones. The best thing: because of feature voting you always know what's popular among your users.

feature voting

Let your users upvote

Feature Voting

While you can use feedback boards internally and privately, if you do share your boards publicly, your users are able to upvote on all the feedback and this way you, as the product owner or product manager, always know what's popular. This can help you decide what to build next!

Product roadmap

What to build next?

When collecting feedback from your users, the public product roadmap gives you the chance of sharing what's next. Your users will love it! On the roadmap, they can see exactly what's 'in progress', 'planned', or already 'live'. The best thing: you can customize these labels. So name them whatever you like! This is one of the many cool features of our product!

feature voting customization

Seamlessly integrated

Implement your brand identity

Of course, you do want your product feedback tool to be implemented into your own website, application, or software. With Upvoty, you can! Our user feedback tool can be used in different ways: hosted on the Upvoty domain, on your custom domain, or fully implemented within your application via its widgets. And, every piece of the board is fully customizable and will be published with your brand logo and colors.


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