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Are you looking for the best customer feedback software for your product? Look no further.

With Upvoty we've got your back. Whether you are working alone or in a team, the feedback of your users is even important and you just want to use the right product feedback tool to collect and manage the ideas and feature requests of your users the most efficient and effective way.

Upvoty's the all-in-one customer feedback software you've been looking for with feedback boards, a product roadmap, and a Changelog.

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Easily collect and manage feedback

All your feedback in 1 place

Tired of writing down all of your user feedback from calls, chats, emails, one-on-ones, tweets, DMs, and other customer support channels? With Upvoty, you'll have all of your feedback in 1 single place with a great overview of what your customers really want. Let your users submit new feedback posts or upvoty on existing ones!

Upvote and prioritize!

Feedback Feature Voting

With Upvoty you'll have public (or internal) feedback boards that have the possibility for your users to submit new feedback or upvote on existing feedback posts. This way, you, as a product owner, always know what's really popular among your users. Feature voting sorts out the wheat from the chaff. This can help you prioritize what to build next!


Show what's next!

Share your product roadmap

Collecting user feedback is there to inform you, not to make decisions. With the product roadmap, you can easily share the status of the user's requests. This way they'll know what's next. This can help you reduce churn because users that are missing certain features will see that new things are in the pipeline.

Connect with 1000+ apps such as Intercom

Seamlessly integrated with your brand

You can use the roadmap and feedback boards on the Upvoty domain, on your custom domain, or fully implemented with the widgets. This is perfect if you want to have a seamless experience for your users in giving feedback. Of course, every piece of the board is fully customizable. We have multiple languages available, and you can integrate your brand logo and colors.

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User feedback software explained

So, by using user feedback software (sometimes referred to as customer feedback software), you're able to collect, track, and manage the feedback from your users. This can be highly valuable because by tracking what users really want, you can eventually make better product decisions and build an even better product for users and potential customers.

Software, such as Upvoty, lets you track and manage user feedback. It basically gives your users the possibility to share their needs and frustrations, all in one overview, so it’s easy for you and your team to understand what to work on next.

It depends on your product and the type of users. If you’re a software or SaaS company, or basically selling a digital product, you can use Upvoty which gives you the perfect tools to track and manage user feedback.

There are several awesome user feedback software tools out there. Upvoty is ranked high amongst them. Try it yourself and start a free trial today 🙂

Yes, boards can be setup both private for your team-only, or shared with specific users groups, or just fully public for anyone to see.

Yes, you can change the colors as well as the statuses and all of its contents. We even have custom CSS.

"We're tracking user feedback with Upvoty for over 2 years now, both our customers as our team are loving it"

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